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Tree Care Services with Certified Arborists

Tree Care Services with Certified Arborists

Tree care companies with certified arborists in their staff are able to address tree care issues faster than companies that don’t. Arborists are trained to assess and identify a tree’s entire health status, allowing them to determine the appropriate solution. Arborists are also no strangers to physical labour as they can provide other tree services like pruning, bracing, cabling, pest control, tree stump grinding, and tree removal.


 Tree Care Services with Certified Arborists


Individuals interested in becoming certified arborists may follow these steps:


  • Earn a degree.

Certain universities provide bachelor programs (forestry, horticulture, or urban forestry) which include subjects like botany, soil science, ecology, and plant classification, and nomenclature. However, there are also associate programs that include courses like plant pathology, soil fertility, and community forestry. To get a complete hands-on experience with professionals, secure an internship to help prepare you for full-time work.


  • Gain experience.

Tree care companies offer on-the-job training for new applicants so graduates can continue to hone their craft while meeting the company’s standards. Once training is over, these new employees may interact with clients to address their needs and concerns.


  • Earn a certification.

Most companies prefer arborists that are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). According to ISA, acquiring a certification:


– Influences an employer’s decision in the hiring process
– Provides public officials the opportunity to make an informed selection of services based on the knowledge and training reflected by the ISA Certification

– Provides incentives for individuals who continue with their ongoing professional development

– Can earn individuals higher income and opportunities for career advancement.

– Helps individuals gain a competitive edge in today’s economy


 Tree Care Services with Certified Arborists


When searching for a tree care company, determine whether their arborists are certified. This ensures that your trees are in good hands since they have the necessary knowledge and experience to address several issues. Additionally, you can verify an arborist’s ISA credential using this tool available on their website (although some companies may have yet to update their names on the list).


In Toronto, several tree companies have made a name for themselves. Here are some exceptional tree care companies with certified arborists:



1. Enviro Tree Care

  • Contact number: (905) 707-8733


Heritage Tree Care


2. Heritage Tree Care

  • Contact number: (416) 458-4745


Hudson Tree Services


3. Hudson Tree Services

  • Contact number: (647) 224-4339


Timberlane Tree Service


4. Timberlane Tree Service

  • Contact number: (416) 878-2108


 Toronto Tree Services


5. Toronto Tree Services

  • Contact number: (647) 793-9265


When it comes to tree care, do not rely solely on DIY solutions; efficacy is not guaranteed and may even aggravate a problem. Hiring a team of professionals to look after your trees will save you time and effort, and resolve any issues safely and effectively. To make sure the arborist placed in charge of your trees is certified; ask for their credentials.

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