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Top Causes of Accidents in the Workplace

Top Causes of Accidents in the Workplace

Every day, thousands of Canadians report to work to accomplish their daily tasks while being exposed to the risk of accidents. These risks are present in all types of work environments, whether you work in the four corners of a quiet office or a busy construction site.

According to a 2015 statistics from the Occupational Health & Safety in Ontario, there are about 226 work-related fatalities recorded in the province. Preventive measures like workplace safety training and regular internal safety inspections can help minimize the risk of accidents that can harm workers.

Preventive measures begin with proper education. Here are the top causes of accidents in the workplace:

● Inadequate training

Untrained personnel tasked to operate heavy machinery and equipment like forklifts or work with electrical wiring are one of the causes of workplace accidents. These accidents are sometimes caused by workers who are immersed in the job despite the lack of knowledge and training just to fill in another worker’s stead.

● Shortcuts

Taking shortcuts instead of observing strict and proper procedures to do the job more quickly is also another cause. When workers take shortcuts at work (e.g. in working around dangerous machinery or hazardous chemicals) they are exposing themselves to possible accidents that may lead to injuries, or worse, death.

● Overconfidence

Top Causes of Accidents in the Workplace

When employees display an attitude of overconfidence that prevents them from adhering to correct procedures, methods, and tools while working, they expose themselves to the risk of accidents.

● Poor Housekeeping

Top Causes of Accidents in the WorkplaceHousekeeping is among the most precise indicators of a company’s perspective and attitude towards quality, production, and workers’ safety. A poorly kept area can lead to hazards and threats in the workplace.

In addition to increased safety, good housekeeping is a manifestation of good standard which sets an example for the rest of the workers to follow.

● Slippery Surfaces

Wet floors that have just been mopped or drinks that have just been spilled are main causes of slip and fall accidents in the workplace. Spills should be dealt with immediately and the appropriate signage should be displayed to warn passersby of wet floors.

During winter, ice and snow that accumulates on outdoor walkways and steps should also be properly salted or sanded to prevent slip and falls. A doorway without a mat also poses slipping hazards.

● Mental Distractions and Fatigue

Top Causes of Accidents in the Workplace

A distracted worker cannot fully focus on work and deliver quality performance. This makes them less aware of their surroundings, become less productive, and in extreme cases may result in accidents.

Fatigue caused by lack of sleep or medications can also lead to accidents on the job. Fatigued employees are prone to making errors and should not be placed in charge of operating machinery or being in close proximity to it.

● Neglecting Safety Procedures

Top Causes of Accidents in the Workplace

Neglecting procedures is a major cause of accidents in the workplace. It puts the entire safety of the company in danger. Strict adherence to protocols must be observed at all times by all employees.

Safety in the workplace boils down to awareness and focus in keeping systems in place. It is essential to ensure that your workers have proper protective equipment and training to perform their jobs well, that your company and facility complies with environmental and federal regulations, and that your company observes foolproof project safety planning. In Concord, there are occupational health and safety companies that can help your business come up with a solid safety management system.

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